Restaurant Kolyba “To Deco To Zimboro” Lake Synevyr.

FOR CO-OPERATION OF EXCURSIVES AND TRAVEL AGENCIES TO FIND THE CONDITIONS (GO) / (Login password can be obtained by writing to us)

  • Kolyba is designed for 70 places plus an additional arbor for 38 people, and a terrace for 20 people.
  • Decorated koliba-restaurant in the Hutsul style, many carpentry by carpathian masters is used. In the interior there is a copy of the famous song “Blue and Vir”.
  • Organization of various celebrations according to traditions.
  •  Live music – by appointment.
  •  Servicing tourist groups. INFORMATION FOR EXCURSIONS AND TRAININGS (password can be found by writing to us in the fesebook ).
  • Complete dinners for groups.
  • Reservation of tables before.
  • Conducting banquets, corporate parties, parties.
  • You can arrange food with you.
  • Settlement at the “Tsimborki” estate   and excursions.

Restaurant on the bluevine lake

Those who have decided to visit the picturesque lake Synevir in Transcarpathia will definitely want to taste delicious national Ukrainian dishes cooked by talented chefs. The best solution in this case is to visit the well-known kolyba-restaurant Lake Synvevar “At Deck To Zimbor” , which is enjoyed by tourists deserved popularity. Here you can relax, enjoy a delicious cuisine and feel the true Transcarpathian hospitality, which is so famous for the locals.

  Unique Transcarpathian color

At the first visit to the restaurant at once it seems that its designers in all their intricacies knew their business and felt what they were working on. Kolyba is decorated in the individual Hutsul style, inside there are a lot of decorative elements made of natural wood by skilled Carpathian carvings. This cozy town is situated in the village of Synevirskaya Polyana, surrounded by picturesque mountains and forests. It’s beautiful all the time of the year, so it’s absolutely unimportant when you have a vacation and you decide to visit a restaurant near the lake Synvevar “At the Deck to Zimbor” – in any case, the inexpressible impression of the local atmosphere is provided to you.

  A pleasant surprise for true gourmets

Restaurant Lake Synevir is sure to please even the gourmet, which is already difficult to make a surprise. Guests are waiting here:

  • Stunningly delicious traditional Transcarpathian dishes. Among them – a bobruch from Tsimboro, a banosh, meat cooked on a grill, a brynza, a set of dishes from selected mushrooms and much more;
  • several excellent varieties of local wines, firm spirits, refreshing beer, honey, fragrant coffee, tea made from medicinal herbs and a large selection of other non-alcoholic beverages;
  • delicious desserts that will capture even the most daring sweet.

  All dishes are cooked in a well-equipped kitchen with full respect for all technologies. Before choosing a chef in the restaurant, it’s very pedantic, so that every guest can be sure that he is eating dishes prepared by the gurus of culinary arts.

  Calm and unforgettable holiday

  Not far from Kolyba “Uz Detsu To Zimbora” is the famous Transcarpathian Lake Synevyr, and if desired, each guest of the restaurant can take part in a tour or go to this miracle of nature on their own. You can also settle in the hotel near the lake Synvevar “In Tsimborka” to be near and kolibi and lakes.

Kolyba will become a real find for those who are looking for a decent place to celebrate. Here you can order a banquet or a gala event, a corporate party, a birthday or any other holiday. The service here is always at a very high level, as evidenced by many reviews of visitors, so that every guest of the restaurant will surely be pleased with their rest in such an unusual colorful and atmospheric place.

  Getting to the restaurant will not be difficult, because the traffic is good here. A table can be pre- ordered by telephone at any time convenient for the guest. Kolyba “By Deco To Zimbora” by the lake Synivir is always ready to accept expensive visitors and will definitely leave the soul of each guest a pleasant experience.

We offer travel agencies, as well as fans of group tourism, mutually beneficial cooperation in organizing food for tourists and tour groups that pass this route.

      The lake is Synevir. We offer organizers of excursions to solve the issue of catering tourists in a cozy atmosphere, tasty and inexpensive. Cozy atmosphere, close proximity to Lake Synevir, a varied menu of Transcarpathian cuisine. ALWAYS FULL DISHES. For more details, you can go to the MASTER by dialing the password at 067-35-95-283.

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