In the rehabilitation center brown bears replenishment.

     NPP “Synevir”  – a rehabilitation center for brown bears, returns them natural skills and the ability to ordinary life received replenishment. Today, there live 31 brown Vedmed.

     This is the only in Ukraine and one of Europe’s largest rehabilitation centers for brown bears, located on an area of ​​12 hectares in the National Nature Park  Synevyr  since December 2011. The place for the center was not chosen by chance – the climate, the natural conditions and the landscape of the Carpathians are the most favorable for this species of bears and are ideal for their rehabilitation to a normal life, because before this, the center’s wards were not sweet …

NPP Synevir

History and experienced

     The history of every clumsy inhabitant is striking in the cruelty that man is capable of towards animals. Here are some examples.

Benya’s     bear   , hitting the center, looked like a nightmare: shaggy, bony and tortured. Former housewives taught him to dance on hot tiles. Such a mockery led to the fact that when he heard the music,  Benny  began to dance nervously. Due to long-term treatment is in the caring hands of the center, the poor fellow came in and gained normal weight.

    Life was not sweet and 6-year-old dipper  Rosa  from Vinnitsa region. For 5 years she lived in a very close cage at a gas station.

      Since childhood Potap served as bait for baiting hunting dogs. The bear grew all his life in a collar, which crashed into his body, forming a bloody trail 20 cm long.

     The oldest resident of the center, the so-called “grandmother” – is a 30-year-old bear  Ira  from Khmelnytsky, who also suffered a lot. She lived in cages with an armature floor, from which claws slammed into paws and it was difficult for an animal to move.

Bear Center

The first inhabitants of the center and their history

        The most resident of the rehabilitation center is Duri Bear,   weighing 380 kg. He starved for a long time and ate only waste. The bear served as a monument to tourists in a small house on Rakhiv.

    Wards  Stealth, Bubochka  and the  Kid  found themselves in the Carpathian center by disobedience of dressing, for which the circus members decided to get rid of them.

    Bears  Winnie and Misha  found in the forest without a mother. It seems that something happened to the bear, because she never leaves her children under 3 years old. Not indifferent people, finding the cubs, gave them into the hands of the workers of the Carpathian rehabilitation center. Two bears are so friendly that they still eat and live together.

     Bears  SPE “Synevir”  live in free conditions, as in nature. They bathe, play with each other and learn to live peacefully and peacefully.

SPE Sinevir
Lake Synevir

Animals have their own character

        Each of the animals has its own character: one quickly gets used to the new “neighbors”, and the other takes quite a long time to undergo adaptation. Through the efforts of the center’s workers, some natural instincts have already been returned to bears: many clubfoots began to fall asleep for the winter and to dig their dens for themselves, as their brethren do in freedom.

To accustom bears to find their own food, the rangers scatter food on the territory of the cage, hide and hang them. Therefore, the animals are forced to look for food themselves. During the day, everyone eats up to 20 kg of products and drinks 10 liters of water. The water they love is very clean, so the feeding troughs always wash before drinking.

SPE Sinevir

Safety is also a concern.

       The territory of NPP “Synevir” is fenced with a metal grid. The activities of this institution is also focused on visiting tourists, so when building a fence, considerable attention was paid to its reliability and durability. For the protection of the perimeter installed electrical protection.

    In spite of everything, the bears are now feeling fine in the territory of the Synevyr park. Unless they are worried only by the flashes of the cameras of numerous tourists, who enthusiastically follow the games of clicholapi. But this is also necessary, because the maintenance of these bears requires extraordinary expenses: staff, doctors, food. And this is not the whole list. The entrance is paid, and it helps a lot for the maintenance of these animals and support in a difficult task.

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