Synevyr  is the largest lake in Ukraine, located at the very depths of the mountains. It is the most famous lake in the Carpathians. Its total area is about seven acres. The lake feeds the stream. Synevir  is the most valuable natural monument of a natural park with the same name.

General Information

They are:

Lake Synevir on the map is surrounded by mountains on all sides.synevir
     It is located at an altitude of about  one thousand meters  above sea level. 
The approximate average depth is twelve meters. The maximum reaches over twenty meters. 
The natural reservoir was formed even in the glacial period. At the end of the last century, on the lands surrounding this natural wonder, a National Park was created. In the reservoir marked a large number of trout and crayfish. However, their fishing is categorically prohibited.

     At the moment, the lake called Synevir is the most popular place visited by Ukrainians and foreign tourists. Here come seekers of new emotions and impressions with large backpacks and tents. Many travelers come here on buses, cars. They all overcome long distances to admire the pure lake water and other surrounding beauty. For Ukrainian and foreign tourists here are interesting and exciting excursions.

History of origin and legend

     Where the surrounding nature remains intact for thousands of years, is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. It has a lot of legends. At the heart of the millennial history are numerous studies of scientists. Some scientific sources believe that this natural miracle appeared due to the melting of a huge glacier. It happened about nine thousand years ago. However, locals tell the visitor their stories.

     According to the legend, a noble nobleman, who had a beautiful daughter named Sin, lived in the adjoining territories. She got such an unusual name because she had beautiful eyes of deep blue hue. The girl fell in love with a shepherd named Vir. Her insidious father was against these relationships, so ordered to kill a young man. The reason for this decision was that he did not belong to the nobility. Xin, having learned that her lover is no longer alive, cried every day on the slopes of the mountains. From her salty tears gradually formed an amazing water surface. So there was a beautiful blue lake, which is fascinated by all the people who visited this wonderful place. Travelers who have not seen him, are wondering where Synevyr is?

     Next to it is another attraction. The sculpture that adorns the lake is the image of two lovers named  Sin and Vir  . The height of this monument is about thirteen meters.

Where is Lake Synevir: how to get there?

     Landscapes around this great water mirror are incredibly picturesque. The steep slopes, covered with tall coniferous trees, reach the very shore. Another name of the reservoir is the Marine Eye.

Travelers who visited one of the closest settlements need to select a daily route. You can take an excursionand go to the lake on the bus with the guide. Easy to reach by car. To do this you have to get to Mezhyhirya. Then you should turn towards the village Synevyrska Polyana. Before you go on a trip, you need to find Synevyr on the map of Ukraine.

Once in the spot, it must be remembered that near the lake is strictly forbidden to breed the fire, leave garbage. You can not fish in the waters of Synevir, as it is possible to obtain a significant penalty for this. Different ecological trails lead to him. It is possible to get from the Gicha valley to the lake if you go down to the village of Sloboda. From the lake you can climb Ozirna mountain valley. Thanks to it you can see an incredibly beautiful and picturesque view. And stay at the nearest hotel “U Marichka”

Is located Lake Synevir where ?

   It is located on the territory of the Ukrainian Carpathians, in the upper reaches of the river Terebly. The outflow of water is blocked by a collapse, which is based on water, creating a powerful stream that flows into a river called Tereblya.

   In 1989, the Synevyr park was created, which confirms the uniqueness of the biosphere complex around the picturesque lake. Residents of big cities who are not accustomed to seeing so much trout, rare plants and birds, come here for new impressions.

   As for the location, Synevyr on the map of Ukraine is located in the village Synevir-Ostrichy. This settlement is located in the Mezhgirsky district of Transcarpathia.

   You can reach this wonderful place by trains from Kiev, Lviv and other large cities of the country. Upon arrival at Volovets station, you must go by regular bus to Mizhhirya.

   The unique and untouched nature of the lake fascinates its beauty. Thousands of tourists come here annually to enjoy crystal clear and useful mountain air, pristine landscapes, beautiful water lake diving. Around it are majestic spruce, unique plants. Contemplation of one of the seven wonders of Ukraine will give unforgettable impressions.

map how to get there

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