Lake Synevir or, as it is called, Marine Eye, is truly mysterious and surrounded by legends in the Carpathian Mountains. It is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level and was formed as a result of the strong earthquake that occurred about 10,000 years ago. If you believe in the legends – it’s tears of the girl-slaughtered girl Sin, who lost her beloved by the name of Vir.

Synevir Lake

The beauty of this place, the developed network of hotels near Lake Synevir, private cottages, campsites, excellent service attracts tourists from all over the world. The number of people wishing to spend time here, far from urban fuss and worries, does not decrease at any time of the year.


Synevir lake

To visit the Marine Eye in the summer means to plunge into the world of fishing, cycling, hiking and excursions to unforgettable landscapes and cultural attractions.

Autumn in Synevir , a national natural park – a season of mushrooms and berries, incredible colors of nature, quad biking and biking.

In winter, these places are filled by fans of ski resorts. Any skier or snowboarder will appreciate the winter Carpathians.

Where to stay at Synevyr

      The popularity of the Synevir lake and its environs, the magnificent nature, the remoteness of the cities contributed to the emergence of a large number of hotels, private homes, campsites where any tourist, traveler will find the living conditions for his needs and finances. From the opportunity to live in a tent, in a campsite to rent a whole mansion.

Hotel near Lake Synevir

   Let’s consider the option:

Hotel near Sinevir 900 m. Exit it!

Hotel Synevir

Hotel for the sake of Lake Synevir

“At Tsimborki” – the hotel is located in with. Synevirskaya Polyana. It is a one-story house with a standard room with magnificent views of the Carpathian Mountains. Accommodation here will cost 750 gr. a day A wide range of leisure facilities: a bar, a restaurant “Na Deca Do Tymbora” ,

to the deck to the cemetery

Kolyba-restaurant bluevir

There is a possibility to rent ski equipment. The place is extremely beautiful; 
On the territory there is a shop where you can buy products and necessary trifles. 
We reviewed the nearest hotel to Lake Synevir, but you can also settle some distance. It does not affect your odysh.V What we can help you.

    We reviewed the hotel as a wonderful place to stay, having decided to visit a truly stunning place on our planet – Lake Synevir and its surroundings. This list can include many more decent hotels.

Travel yourself, travel with family and friends, watch the world!

Rehabilitation center of brown bears 
Valley of wolves

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