In the west of Ukraine is a very picturesque land – the Carpathians , which is very popular with tourists from all over Europe. And it is not strange. The majestic mountains, covered with smooth fires, are streams of rivers, transparent like glass, lakes, rich flora and fauna – this is not a complete list of “privileges” of this wonderful land. And if you add to all the said good-natured locals, a comfortable home, surrounded by beautiful nature, then even the most questionable tourists will pack their suitcases.

         Summer edge of a fir tree

     For tourists the Carpathians are beautiful both in summer and in winter. In the summer, there is no exhausting heat, so many tourists prefer the temperate climate of the Carpathian region. The air is clean and fresh, thanks to the “woody” mountains. Lovers of white mushrooms will receive a lot of pleasure by visiting a mountain forest. In some “harvest” years you can pick up not more than one calyx of these “elite” mushrooms.

      Those who want to experience the extreme will offer rafting on the mountain rivers, flights on Tarzan, exciting trips on the difficult roads on quad bikes. Kids will be happy to make friends with horses, who usually reside in the hotel. You can do horseback riding accompanied by an experienced instructor. Lovers of conquest of mountain peaks will climb the highest peak of the Carpathians – Mount Hoverla, whose height is – 2061 meters above sea level.

       Carpathians in winter

      When Her Majesty’s Winter Comes, the Carpathians are beginning to be quiet and calm. And winter in this fairy-tale region gives a feeling of a sense of holiday and a miracle expectation. Lovers of active recreation in the Carpathians are waiting for a lot of pleasant adventures and lessons.

    Here you can ride your pleasure in downhill skiing and snowboarding. Special databases provide you with a complete set of equipment. A trip on snowy trails on snowmobiles will add to the blood of the mass of adrenaline. Those who wish will be provided with the opportunity to rush like a whirlwind, raising a snow-white snowstorm.

      Carpathian vacation is considered to be family law. Children will come just in delight from the emotions gained from the descent from the low mountain tops of sledges.

    And after an active day, the tourists will be pleased to relax in a real fireplace, enjoying a glass of natural Carpathian wine, and listening to the cozy crackling of firewood. It should be noted that the prices for housing in the Carpathians in winter and summer are quite moderate, and the hospitality of local residents outside of any competition.

     Interesting sights

    Nature in the Carpathian land “tried” for glory, creating extremely beautiful landscapes and landscapes. Some mountain rivers, after the magic of the magic “sticks” turn into picturesque waterfalls, which fascinate the madness of the water element. The most beautiful waterfalls in Western Ukraine are many. Among them are the most popular. Namely:

1) Tide, which in height reaches 14metrov;

a shingle

2) Maniavsky The waterfall has several cascades;

3) Breakdown, the cascades of which are reminiscent of “cooks”;

4) Kamenka. Water falls from boulders with powerful streams.

   “Spring” tourists should definitely visit the valley of narcissus, which is located not far from the city of Khust. The bubbling of colors and the aroma of flowers are immersed in nirvana, forcing to think about eternal.

    Lovers of medieval castles are waiting for many historical discoveries, which they are introduced to professional guides. Walking through open platforms, “plunging” into the events of the Middle Ages, tourists will inevitably feel themselves as participants in the Middle Ages.

      Mysterious Lake Synevir

     Highly in the mountains, the most mountainous lake is located cozy, which for the last century was simply “overgrown” with legends and riddles. Find this pearl can be found on the lands of the National Park of Gorgan.

     At the first meeting with the lake, tourists freeze their breath from unprecedented beauty. The water in the lake Synevir crystal clear and clear. Despite the fact that the lake is very deep, you can explore all the beauty of the underwater world. Absolutely calmly floating in the cool waters of the trout. But this fish can feel good only in pure water. Nobody bathe in the protected lake, as it is protected by the state. Yes, and even if there were such willing, then it would be unlikely for a long time to stand the low temperature. The ice is ice at any time of the year.

     The water of the lake is sparkled by the sky blue, and only in the middle is a small island. From the height of the bird’s flight, this beauty is associated with the eye. Therefore, Synevyr got the second name – Sea Eye. It is very easy to breathe because of coniferous trees.

     On the shore is a sculpture, which symbolizes the name of the lake. It shows love – the young Faith and the girl Xin. According to legend, the daughters of the Count were not allowed to meet with the shepherd. However, the ban was violated. Then the shepherd was killed, and the girl hugged a stone and cried for a long time, forming a whole lake with tears.

     Ukrainian Carpathians – a fabulous land, which conquered not only one heart visited tourists there. Absolutely all who at least once admired the beautiful mountain landscapes, visited many interesting monuments, tried delicious national cuisine, tried to come back here again and again.

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