Transcarpathia – how it is!

        There are wonderful places in Ukraine. And one of them is Transcarpathia. Here everyone will be fascinated with natural beauties, all sorts of active and passive leisure, handmade monuments. In short, rest in Transcarpathia should be planned in order to make it everywhere and everywhere!

Beauty of Transcarpathia or why pay attention

      Transcarpathia is a mountain stream, skiing and snowboarding, gathering and SPA procedures, as well as numerous water adventures during the warmer seasons. In principle, this area is difficult to imagine without water resources, because only the lakes here – 32! And the first place in it Lake Synevyr.

lake sienvir hotel restaurant

          When you go to rest in Zakarpattia, you can choose the area to visit. This may be like Podobovets, Krasiya, Dragobrat , but the best option is the district of  Mizhhirya . When choosing a vacation in the Mezhgorea, time can be devoted to not only riding on the black / green / blue roads, viewing beauty from the height of lifts, but also admiring, for example, waterfalls.

       What only is the Shipot waterfall, which is located near Pilipets, where the Gemba is painted! To see the miracle of nature, everyone who has arrived on the Transcarpathian land at least one day hastens in a hurry.waterfall is a shingle

      Shipite will be enjoyed by gentle cascades, calm water flow, some measurements and luxury. Along the way, I want to roam the whole day!

       The post-glacial period: Lake Synevir with all the beauties

   Everyone who is fascinated by the nature of Transcarpathia decides to visit Lake Synevir. And it is not surprising, because it attracts the attention of blue glade at any time of the year!Lake Synveir

    It should be noted that Synevyr more than 10,000 years, because it formed after the melting of glaciers. Today it is a water surface with an area of ​​4-6 hectares and a depth of 5-6 to 19-22 meters. It is somewhere deeper than the Azov Sea!

     In the summer it is quite realistic to ride a bokor on the lake and even to get to the island. The evening can be completed with a rest in the Kolyba “At Deck To Tsimboro” 900 meters from the lake, having tasted Transcarpathian the deck to the cemetery

Excellent company guaranteed! Want to wander along the coast tomorrow or admire blue water from the special observation decks? At U Tsimberk Hotel you will be glad to welcome guests! And only after visiting Synevyr you can go on the road again!

Transcarpathia will please:

  • museums located in cities in large quantities
  • mini-sculptures of Uzhgorod. Well, no quest for their search;
  • Nevytsky / Sredniansky or Palanko castle;
  • Schönborn Park and similar national monuments;
  • Lumshoryan vans and other spa procedures with an ethnic “voice”.
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